Anna Arkadievna Berkovich

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Anna Arkadievna Berkovich

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna is an experienced entrepreneur, the author of progressive ideas in the field of education, and the the creator of smartphone educational services.


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Anna Berkovich: Childhood and adolescence

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich was born in Leningrad. She is the eldest of two daughters in a family of Soviet engineers. From an early age, she was interested in running, sledding, and learning to play the piano. In her free time, she went skiing and hiking. Her father was a passionate traveler, and having practiced sambo in his youth, he taught both his daughters popular martial arts moves. Berkovich Anna says the head of the family had the greatest influence on her life, especially with the self-defense lessons (which she did not like in her childhood) that helped her develop a temperament that proved quite useful in the future.

Berkovich Anna attended a special math and science high school, then applied to the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, which her father insisted upon, as several generations of her relatives had already studied there. The future entrepreneur was drawn to the exact sciences herself, thus she decided to continue the family tradition and the Anna Berkovich biography continued at the polytechnic school. 

Berkovich Anna: The start of a career

Anna Berkovich tried on the role of an entrepreneur while still in her first year at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. She and her classmates copied books by Osip Mandelstam. At that time, literature was scarce on store shelves, so samizdat publications were very popular, especially with authors who had long been considered banned in the country.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna and her sister began supplying retail outlets with books a few years later, which proved to be more profitable than samizdat, generating a daily income comparable to the monthly salary of the average employee of a research institute.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich still wanted to try her hand in other areas, such as starting a business selling computer equipment and developing a confectionery business. All of these endeavors allowed Berkovich Anna to develop her own business vision, and the experience she acquired helped her master various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna: Her life’s work

Anna Berkovich showed heightened interest in education from childhood. Her grandmother often told her stories about how the Second World War and repressions prevented her children from going to college. A joint fund was later organized through which younger family members could receive a decent education.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich admits that the idea of creating her own business, which would eventually become her life’s work, never crossed her mind. According to the businesswoman, her talent for entrepreneurship was inherited from her grandfather, who was a very venturous person.

The Anna Berkovich biography includes unsuccessful attempts at studying languages ​​in different linguistic schools across the country, which helped motivate her to create her own modern educational institution. Existing schools and courses were far from perfect at the time. After studying abroad for several years, Berkovich Anna Arkadievna realized her own country needed a program based on foreign models. At the same time, it was important to emphasize the peculiarities of the locality mentality and management practices.

The Anna Berkovich biography includes more than one college degree, but it was only after she found a way to learn languages herself that she came up with the idea of creating a revolutionary methodology for more effective language learning. Anna Arkadievna Berkovich also mastered and implemented the principles of NPS (Net Promoter Score) – a practice that evaluates the level of customer satisfaction and predicts the likelihood they will recommend a product. This not only helped establish a feedback system with the students, but also increased their loyalty.

Anna Berkovich: Biography of Alibra School

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Berkovich Anna

Anna Berkovich’s hometown became the site of the first Alibra School in 2000. All the students praised the high quality of teaching and the loyalty of the teachers. Two years after this successful start, Berkovich Anna Arkadievna launched a methodological center and a branch of the school in the capital.

Anna Berkovich then decided seven years later to relocate the central office to the capital as well, where the network continued the active implementation of her unique teaching method. A year later, branches were opened first in Yekaterinburg then in Kazan, bringing this unique learning methodology to students in the regions. 

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s educational center began preparing students for exams at foreign schools in 2009. It also began offering courses in three more languages. In 2010, the network was registered under the new name of Alibra School, as it is still known today. New branches were opened throughout the country, and the number of graduates exceeded 65,000 people.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna and her team of methodologists developed a phonetic course for better pronunciation in 2011, and they began to introduce a four-step testing system in the network’s branches in the capital. 

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s original education platform was introduced into the process in 2012. At the same time, the Alibra School methodologists created educational materials according to European standards. A year later, the number of graduates increased by 10,000 people. However, the main Alibra School achievement of 2013 was the Skyrocket program for English, which helped students learn the language in six months, instead of the standard two-year course. Anna Arkadievna Berkovich’s new teaching methodology was based on associations and repetition. The list of preparatory courses for Cambridge exams was also expanded, including for children.

Berkovich Anna Arkadievna’s school began teaching Chinese in 2014, correctly predicting that it would become very popular in the near future. Alibra School was also recognized as the best educational institution giving international exams. 

The Anna Berkovich biography also includes the development of a unique mobile app, Alibra Sky, that was launched in 2015. The program uses associations and spaced repetition to build up users’ English lexicon. With the app always at hand, users can study anytime, anywhere. 

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich and Alibra School methodologists continued to work on educational materials. As a result, two more mobile apps were launched in 2016, which were similar in purpose but differed in specifics. Alibra Forward was built for those who want to improve their spoken English and Alibra Business for entrepreneurs who need to master business vocabulary. Given the Anna Berkovich biography’s wide business experience, she herself insisted upon the latter development. The school also received two prestigious awards. The first – for the best debut in education, the second – for the best educational infographics.

Anna Berkovich later released an app for German in 2017, when Alibra School had already grown to 24 branches. 

In 2017, Alibra School grew to 24 branches. It was then that Anna Berkovich released an app for German. The professional rating site Schoolrate awarded the school for its international exam prep courses. In 2018, smartphone apps for French, Italian, German, and Spanish were created and launched. 

The Anna Berkovich biography includes experience studying several foreign languages, which helped her develop the Skyrocket Master program, which she tested herself. Additionally, Alibra Schools began offering professional re-certification for teachers in 2019.

In 2020, there was a mass transition to online learning. Most educational institutions were unprepared for distance teaching and found themselves in a hopeless situation. Alibra School on the other hand, not only managed to retain its students but also to to modernize its website and improve apps for remote learning. This became a real turning point in Berkovich Anna’s business.

Today, Alibra School combines distance learning with traditional lessons. Each student has a personal account on the website, where he or she can see the schedule of classes, download homework and educational literature, and even watch missed lectures. This approach allows students to fully immerse themselves in the learning process and master what was initially unclear. This approach also allows for learning several languages simultaneously, which is very important in the modern world.

Anna Berkovich’s school also regularly gets involved in charitable activities. Several years in a row, Alibra School employees refused corporate gifts, sending the funds instead to the Khabensky Foundation. And open English classes are held in the capital’s parks, where experienced professionals teach children grammar for free.

Alibra School also runs language camps for children, including both offline and online lessons. Upon completion of a language camp, young students can continue directly at Alibra School. Game-based lessons are used for children from three years old, which enables faster learning. 

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich left the post of CEO in 2020. However, the network continues to develop, improving the learning process for its students.

Anna Arkadievna Berkovich: Family

Berkovich Anna is married, and she and her husband have two children. The couple often visits ski resorts, preferring off-piste trails. In addition, the entrepreneur loves to read prose, listen to classical music, watch intellectual films, and go for walks in the forest. Berkovich Anna enjoys the support of her relatives in all her endeavors, which helps her cope with stress. Otherwise, a career as an entrepreneur would be impossible.